Meal Plans for weight loss

The Secret to weight loss is EASY Healthy Meals that stop cravings and keep fat loss hormones balanced!

Eating healthy and losing weight has been on your to do list for what feels like forever. You've tried every diet but every time you start, you feel overwhelmed.

Cravings kick in, you get stressed, feel frustrated and stop eating healthy. 

This time why not try to NOT diet! You've been doing diets for years, but where has that gotten you?

Now is the time to for you to focus on one habit...MEAL PLANNING!

Meal planning is a key skill set everyone must master in order to lose weight and keep it off for good.

If you're a women over 35 with 20 to 50 or more pounds to lose, you're in the right place!

It takes time + energy to find recipes that keep fat loss hormones balanced for weight loss.

What if it didn’t have to be so complicated? 

What if all the guesswork was taken out of it for you? What if you had everything you needed handed to you - a grocery list, a meal plan with the calories, protein, carbs and fat already balanced?

The good news is I've done the work for you...

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Traditional meal plans are not balanced specifically for WEIGHT LOSS.

When it comes to losing weight, balancing fat loss hormones (insulin, leptin and ghrelin) is key. When these aren't balanced, it makes it impossible for anyone to stick to a new way of eating.

Eating for weight loss means, eating higher protein, the right amount of complex carbohydrates and high fiber.

No tracking, no macros required. 

Most people have been dieting for so long they don't know how to do this.

These meal plans are for YOU and with recipes YOU love.

How much easier would your life be having the work done for you?

Meal Plans for weight loss

With Skinny Fitalicious meal plans, you print your meal plan + grocery list in seconds. All you have to do is shop, prep and eat!

No more figuring out how to eat enough protein at your meals, how to sneak in your veggies and tracking calories. I do the work for you! 

Wondering if a meal plan is right for you? Listen to this podcast episode to find out!

Skinny Fitalicious Meal Plans aren’t just a meal plan. Following them as designed, GUARANTEES you will stay full with the right balance of protein, carbs + fat + fiber.

Eating the right balance of these foods is key for keeping fat loss hormones (insulin, leptin and ghrelin) balanced. This is scientifically proven.

It is also scientifically proven that you must eat slightly lower calorie. But most people don't eat the right balance of nutrients when they're in a calorie deficit leaving them battling cravings.

A Skinny Fitalicious Meal Plan means you don’t have to give any brain power to the thought of “is what I’m eating REALLY the right thing?”

Here’s what happens when you sign up for a meal plan.

  1. You get a link to download your meal plans instantly!
  2. You shop, prep and enjoy the food!


Note the video was filmed in 2017. The pricing has since changed and is reflected below.


I've coached 100's of women to lose weight and keep it off. 

Women over 35 with 20 to 50 or more pounds to lose who follow the meal plan consistently as designed, should see results in 3-6 months. 

If you are an emotional eater, make excuses, are inconsistent with your eating, stress eat, have a negative mindset, a meal plan will not work for you.

Meal plans do not teach you to eat for balanced metabolic hormones, what to do when you have a bad day, restrictive mindset (not eating fruit or potatoes) or what to do when you hit a plateau.

If you struggle with restrictive mindset, consistency, your relationship with food or diet mentality, then coaching is what you need - not a meal plan.

Watch my FREE Hormonal Weight Loss Class for Women.

Disclaimer: those who have medical conditions, thyroid problems, hormone imbalances, high cortisol, chronic stress, on specific medications or are extremely active may have more difficulty losing weight. It's always best to consult a professional nutritionist before starting.


4 Week Meal Plan 

Instant Download

$6.25 per meal plan

$25.00 USD

52 Week Meal Plan

Instant Download

$1.15 per meal plan

$99.00 $59.99 Sale USD


Sunday morning you sit down at the computer with your Meal Plan. You’re excited to make your favorite protein pancakes. You’ve got about an hour of quiet time before you head out to do errands, which is a perfect amount of time for you to check your pantry + refrigerator against your grocery list and sip on a cup of coffee.

You’re so happy you purchased Skinny Fitalicious Meal Plans. Your to do list is much shorter when you don’t have to spend hours planning out healthy meals...not to mention you can spend your time thinking about what you should or shouldn’t be eating....what the right amount of calories are....or how to get the right amount of protein to prevent cravings. 

You’re feeling confident in your plan and happy to have guidance and support from an expert. Plus….the meals are delicious! From planning to prep to eating to calorie counting, everything is done for you! 

You’re only disappointed you didn’t find this sooner!

This CAN be how you feel going into the week.

Less stressed.

Looking forward to your meals.

Confident + Empowered

Never worrying about counting calories & macros.

Are you ready to make this a reality?

Join now!

How Does It Work?

Skinny Fitalicious Meal Plans are high protein, high fiber with the right amount of carbs and fat to reduce cravings and keep hunger controlled and fat loss hormones balanced.

When you purchase, you instantly receive your meal plan!

Each weekly meal plan is:

  • Lower calories for women (1300-1700)
  • Nutritional balanced - high protein, high fiber, low sugar and the right amount of fat and complex carbs
  • Built for 2 people per day

Each weekly meal plan includes:

  • Nutritional data by day and by recipe
  • 5 days of meals + snacks 
  • Leftovers are built in to save you time + money on groceries
  • Meal prep game plan to help you plan your week

Meal plans are NOT custom to you, but you can easily customize them to you!

Not sure if a meal plan is right for you? Listen to this podcast episode.

No more sugar cravings! 

Skinny Fitalicious Meal Plans allow you to eat healthy + ENJOY TREATS without nasty cravings + reach your goals in less time with less energy!

It's EASY, convenient and time saving. You can make a week’s worth of meals in short period of time with my easy recipes!

Due to the nature of this product and that you instantly download and receive the materials, all sales are final.


Like a lot of people I know, I have a lot going on and my schedule changes from day to day. I have business, am a mother of a teenager and I do volunteer work. Even with all of these commitments healthy eating is a top priority. Skinny Fitalicious Meal Plans give me the flexibility I need with a variety of tasty, healthy options. The recipes are easy and perfect make ahead options you can eat all week. The best part is all the time saved as they do the planning for me. No more looking up recipes and making a shopping list. I select my meals, print my list and go! It’s perfect!



I am maintaining a 50 pound weight loss and Skinny Fitalicious plans have helped me to NOT have to plan meals for the week so that has been nice plus Megan responds to my questions quickly when I have them. 



I have spent the majority of my life bouncing from diet plan to diet plan, even going as far as spending hours creating my own weekly meal plans, looking for a quick fix to help me get to a “healthy” weight. In most cases, I would succeed for a while, only to get frustrated with the restrictions or “rules” I had to follow, as well as the time it took to plan, and end up gaining the weight back soon after. After having my son in 2017, I knew right from the beginning this was not a cycle I wanted him to experience, but I also knew his relationship with food was going to directly stem from mine - a change was needed!  

I have been a follower of Skinny Fitalicious for a few years now and when I saw the announcement for meal plans at the end of 2017, I was hoping, if nothing else, it would be an easy tool to help me plan my meals each week.  But it has been so much more than that! Seven months later and 26 pounds lighter, I have a new relationship with food. By receiving a meal plan each week I am able to prep my food every Sunday, setting me up for success every day. I no longer have to stress about trying to find recipes that are macro balanced to cook each week. I can just  know I will receive easy-to-make, gluten-free recipes with all of the nutrients I need to keep me fueled for the day.  After a lifetime of struggling I have found something in Skinny Fitalicious meal plans that has helped me realize food is not the enemy – something I am excited to pass along to my son.



4 Week Meal Plan

Instant Download

$6.25 per meal plan

$25.00 USD

52 Week Meal Plan

Instant Download

$1.15 per meal plan

$99.00 $59.99 Sale USD

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