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5 Steps to Lasting Weight Loss

How Hormones Impact Weight Loss & The Truth About Lasting Weight Loss Without Relying on Willpower, Workouts or Deprivation

During this FREE training you'll learn:

  • What Really Causes Cravings & How To Master Them For Good

  • The 5 Weight Loss Myths That Are Actually Sabotaging Your Efforts At Losing Fat

  • The Truth About Hormones and Weight Loss – What The Science Really Tells Us

  • The Little-Known Secret To Losing Weight With Ease & Keeping It Off For Good

  • The Critical Ingredient Most Weight Loss Programs Fail To Address And Why It Must Be The Foundation Of Any Lasting Weight Loss Plan

  • The 5 Essential Steps to Lasting Weight Loss Without Deprivation, Extreme Workouts Or Relying On Willpower (which never works)

Megan Olson, Nutrition Practitioner

Weight Loss Before & After

Megan Olson is a nutrition practitioner who helps women over 35 lose 20-50 pounds or more and keep it off for good. She coaches clients one-on-one remotely.

She's the author of the Low Calorie Cookbook and creator of Skinny Fitalicious. A website with healthy, lightened up recipes for weight loss. 

Megan lost 80 pounds in 2009 by walking and slowly making healthier swaps to her diet. She started Skinny Fitalicious to share healthy, easy recipes that helped other women on their weight loss journeys as well as to share her own health struggles.

Through her coaching and website, Megan's helped thousands of women reach their health goals with greater ease and joy. 

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