Sunday Funday 12/21/14 + Another Stress Fracture

Hi Guys! Happy Sunday!

Today I’m waiting for my parents to arrive from WI. Hopefully they won’t get lost from the airport to my house (that’s probably gonna happen).

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you know what kind of week I’ve had. In urgent care once and Mayo Clinic ER twice (in the same day). So that ankle pain I’ve had since October…I woke up last Sunday and couldn’t walk. Turns out it’s the beginning of a stress fracture. Thank goodness the bone hasn’t cracked yet. Since I’ve had two in one year, my doctor’s concerned something else is causing my bones to be so fragile. I’m seeing an endocrinologist in a few weeks for that, but I already know what it is. We’ll see how they recommend treating it. Now I’m back in the boot 4 weeks. Story of my life. I’ll probably be in it the rest of my life.

Other than swimming and lifting arms, I’m resting. The doctor said I could bike too, but I’d rather swim for now. So I’m kicking back, being a couch potato and doing it guilt-free. I couldn’t have asked for better timing. The holidays will help pass the time. I just pray it’s only 4 weeks. Any longer, I will lose my mind.


While I’m happy it was caught early, I’m disappointed in every doctor involved in my case for not listening to me. For months, I’ve been trying to get a diagnosis and suffered in pain. I’ve lost all confidence in doctors. I started to believe I was losing my mind imagining the swelling in my ankle. Just because there isn’t a specific injury doesn’t mean an injury doesn’t exist. Doctors should know this when dealing with athletes like me. My doctors should be ashamed of how they mis-treated me. Thankfully I was persistent and had supportive friends and family that pushed me to not give up. 

Now I’m focusing on healing physically and emotionally from this roller coaster. I’m glad my parents will be here for support and to drive me crazy the next few weeks…haha. I’ll give you guys more details later on the ankle fiasco. So kick back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading the links below before getting to your holiday preparations. I have one or two presents left to wrap today. Let the wrapping festivities begin. :-)



35 Awesome Toys Every ’80s Girl Wanted For Christmas via BuzzFeed – Now these bring back memories. I’m pretty sure the get in shape one I owned at one point.

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Christmas Movies via Huffpost – Weird trivia about your favorite Christmas movies that will surprise you.

Benefits of Laughter & Running Humor via Jill Conyers – Runners really are they’re own breed.


10 Ways to Spice Up Your Christmas via Celery & Cupcakes – Not only amazing ideas on making your holiday fabulous, but also the cutest post ever.

Which Sweetener Is Best? via Slim Sanity – Different options can make it confusing as to what is better for you. This makes it easy to understand them. As always everything is best in moderation.

Tips, Tricks & Recipes for Christmas Cookie Decorating via Bake at 350 – From the recipes even to shipping holiday cookies. This post has everything you need to know to bake holiday cookies.

6 Fast, Healthy Dinner for Busy Nights via Mommy Run Fast – Simple ways to cook healthy meals when time is short.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Eggnog via Food & Wine – This is cool. Who would have known this holiday cocktail had so much history?


Why Motivation Is Overrated (And What You Actually Need To Accomplish Your Goals) via She’s Wicked Healthy – Breaking down goals into manageable steps can help you achieve a big goal. Yes to scheduling things! 

What Helped Me Run a Marathon Faster via Running Out of Wine – Very wise advice & helpful to runners who are not marathoners too.

Stay Safe: 5 Essential Safety Tips for Runners via Fitfluential – Good advice for protecting yourself. Check out the new app that can keep you safe.

The Value Of A Coach Or Why Every Luke Skywalker Needs A Yoda via Glitter and Dust – Having a mentor for your training is invaluable in you becoming the best athlete you can be. 


3 Tips To Find Balance Through The Holidays via Mommy Run Fast – 3 simple ways. Remembering how good your body feels on real food is the best tip.

Staying Healthy During The Holidays via Khushboo’s Blog – Overindulge vs. restrict. It’s easy to sway to one health extreme to the other during the holidays. These are good ways to keep things in between.


4 Metrics You’re Not Tracking That Will Transform Your Blog in 2015 via Blog Genie – Excellent tips for analyzing blog stats deeper to understand your potential for growing your blog more.

How To Build Trust With Your Readership via Jenny Purr – Having a blog is about building relationships otherwise it’s just an online journal. 

7 Tips for Creating a Credible, Trustworthy Website via Elle & Co. – Precise ways to refine your website & make it more attractive to your readers.

How To Brand Yourself As A Blogger via Queen of Jetlags – Branding is so important and can be tricky. These tips are precise and invaluable.

Google Analytics Cheat Sheet: Steal My Go-To Blogging Dashboard via Blog Genie – Google Analytics is a must if you’re a blogger. These tips will take you to the next level. I added this dashboard to mine & it’s extremely effective for analyzing data quickly. 

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