Cilantro Jalapeño Hummus

A spicy hummus that will brighten your plate, jazz up your veggies and make your taste buds sing. A healthy and delicious everyday snack.


Hi Guys! Happy Monday!

So there’s a restaurant and there’s a girl. That girl happens to be me and that restaurant happens to be Pita Jungle and we’re meant for each other. Pita Jungle is a trendy, healthy eatery in Phoenix that has grown into quite the popular “local” Arizona, chain. It even has a few locations in California now. They offer Greek, Mediterranean, Lebanese, Middle Eastern, vegetarian and vegan dishes made with healthy, locally sourced and nutritious ingredients. It’s my absolute favorite place to eat. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’m there once or twice a month. I got Mom hooked on the place. The first time I took her there she was skeptical of the laid back vibe and hippy dressed staff. But after she tasted the food, she was forever hooked. When she was staying with me this winter, she’d grab take out during the week then on the weekend when I was ready to get my Pita Jungle fix I was nervous she wouldn’t want to go back. Nope! She was always up for more. That’s how good it is! And not to worry. It won’t break health goals. The food is fresh, healthy and delicious. No eating out food swaps necessary. By the way, I’m not affiliated with Pita Jungle in any way. I just love their food.

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Sunday Funday 3/1/15


Happy Sunday and 1st of March! Can you believe it’s March already? Crazy, crazy. That means spring is on the way! Crossing my fingers for my cold weather friends that it comes sooner than later. It’s been a wet and rainy weekend in Phoenix. It’s winter again. The heat will be here soon so I’ll take it. It […]

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Turkey Veggie Meatball “Pasta” & An Ugly Truth About Blogging


Italian turkey meatballs veggie packed with carrots, zucchini & onion and paired with spaghetti squash pasta making it paleo and gluten-free. A healthier and lighter alternative pasta dish for weight loss & fitness. Hi Guys! TGIF! How’s the week been? I have one word. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Ok, so technically that’s 3 words. I am quite literally drowning in pictures these […]

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8 Food Swaps for Eating Out & Losing Weight


If you’re one of many people who have resolved to lose weight and eat healthier in 2015, then the thought of eating out may scare you. But have no fear. Coming from a girl who lost 80 pounds years ago while traveling weekly as a consultant, I know first hand how difficult it can be to make […]

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Blue Apron Bouillabaisse-Style Fish Stew


Hi Guys! Last week was a short work week for me, yet a busy one! Between work deadlines, blog, fitness and doctors’ appointments I had no time to shop & prep meals. I actually missed it. As you guys know, I love to cook just a little. That’s how life is sometimes. You have to adjust your routine to get through […]

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Butternut Squash Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


A whole wheat muffin made with butternut squash, bananas, chocolate & oats. A simple wholesome chocolate chip muffin jazzed up with a sneaky veggie.    Happy Monday Muffins! I hope you guys had a great weekend. Money. Money. Money. That was my word last week and what I “spent” my weekend figuring out. I bit the […]

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