WIAW…Easy Eats, A Turning Point & Dry Needling

Hello Friends! Happy April!

This week really kicked off with a bang. Monday morning I was back to my usual gym grind. Things were going as expected until I picked up a weight and did a shoulder extension. As soon as I lifted, I felt a rib slip out of place. I’ve had floating ribs for years and when one jumps out of place it hurts like crazy. One fun visit to the chiropractor yesterday and I was fixed up. I can breathe again. 

I finally turned the corner on the injury front. It was like I woke up one day & felt better. My PT told me last week that’s known as the “turning point” aka you’re clear of injury. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel safe or free from injury really. The mayor told me it took him a year before he got over that feeling. The downside to feeling better is more time on my feet and pushing the intensity of my workouts. 

This outfit from Athleta here and here. I heart their clothes. They’re so comfy!


Last week it caught up with me in the form of calf cramping forcing me to dry needling again. A few readers emailed asking about drying needling. Dry needling is PT using acupuncture needles. They push the needle deep into a trigger point in the afflicted area then push the needle around a few seconds before removing it. The needle makes small tears in the muscle forcing the fibers to break up. It’s painful and soreness is expected after.

This time I was mentally prepared for the pain, but it still hurt a lot. My PT hit the core of the knot twice. The pain radiated up my hamstring and through my toes. The weird part was the post needle sensation. Hours after it was over, I still felt as if needles were in my leg. I was sore 2 full days before the tension released and soreness went away. I had it Wednesday by Saturday I was better. I’m hoping this calf stays happy because I leave for Germany soon. It won’t be much fun sitting on a plane for 18 hours with an angry calf. 


Now let’s share some eats! Sometimes life is plain old boring and other times it’s pure madness. I’ve been on the go a lot lately. Last weekend I was at SoFabU so weekend food prep was limited and the food there was really bad. Not post worthy at all! So these are some of my favorites things to eat when I’m on the run and don’t have a lot of time to cook. 


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