Pineapple Fish Taco Bowl With Black Rice {GF}

A refreshing taco bowl made with baked fish, black rice and grilled pineapple. This quick to make & assemble meal will soon become your summer favorite.















Hello Friday and Hello 3 Day Weekend!

I’m sure no one will be reading my blog today so I can say anything I want. I can do anything I want. I can talk about what I want. I can swear if I want. Oh, wait. I already do that. Every. Single. Day. This is my blog. My very own blog. Okay, now I feel like Mary Katherine Gallagher. My boss was telling me this week about a woman who kept saying in a meeting “I’m so excited. I’m just so excited! I’m so so excited!!!” He said she was over the top like a Saturday night live episode. So in case you can’t tell, I’m a little jazzed up for the weekend. Bring it!

Technically last weekend was a 3 day weekend for me in Boulder for Blend, but that’s a different kind of vacation. A going away kind of vacation requires logistics getting yourself on a plane and back. This weekend is a staycation. No logistics required. It makes me wonder how I traveled every week for years as a consultant. Somehow I’ve become more inefficient with traveling. That’s probably a good thing otherwise I’d be jet setting more often.Continue Reading

Healthy Does Not Equal Weight Loss


Sometimes when we look to blogs, health magazines and health professionals for inspiration, we can end up further from our weight loss goals than closer.  The average person trying to lose weight must be frustrated because trying to figure out what they should or should not be eating to drop pounds is confusing. I know, I was one of those […]

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WIAW…Blending in Boulder


Happy Wednesday! As you guys know, last weekend I was in Boulder for Blend. Today I’m giving a recap of the fun events along with my usual What I Ate Wednesday.  So what exactly is Blend? Blend is friend + blogger. It’s a yearly weekend retreat for fitness & health bloggers who come together to build friendships, have […]

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Impressive Shoulder, Chest & Bicep Workout


Hi Friends! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!  As you know, I like to workout a lot. It’s my favorite time of day and you may have seen a pic or too of me working out on Instagram. Outfit: Lulu crops & Lorna Jane pink mesh tank and sports bra For months, I’ve had many readers request a post about my […]

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Super Seed Quinoa Bites {Vegan, GF}


A protein packed bite made with quinoa, chia and hemp seeds and sweetened with cinnamon & dates. This simple energy bite is vegan, gluten free and has no refined sugar. This perfect snack is a soon to be your favorite. Hi Friends! Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. I miss you guys. I was in […]

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Sunday Funday Blog Love 5/17/15


Happy Sunday and Hello from Boulder! I’ve been freezing having a blast at Blend this weekend. Seriously the women, food, sponsors and activities have been amazing! I have no idea where I’m going to stash all the swag from the weekend. My pantry’s already bursting with ALL THE FOOD. Ahh…the life of a blogger! If I could have changed […]

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Grain Free Lemon Cake {Paleo, GF}


A luscious grain free bread made with almond and coconut flour and bursting with lemon flavor. This low calorie, high protein citrus bread is a delicious and light summertime treat.  Hi Guys! Happy Friday! A friendly reminder to enter the Kozy Shack giveaway if you haven’t already! Their pudding is seriously delicious. You don’t want […]

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