Sour Cream Blueberry Muffins {Low Calorie}

Made with sour cream, applesauce, milk, whole wheat flour and oats, this 110 calorie muffin packs a delicious punch on flavor while keeping your waist slim.


Hi Guys!

Hope you had a nice long weekend. It was a low key staycation for me. I wasn’t feeling well and spent more time resting than I expected. Back to the grind today. Thankfully long weekend means short work week. I thought I’d save the usual Monday recipe for today since most of you were off having fun yesterday and this is one you sure don’t want to miss!

I have to tell you it was wonderful having the entire weekend to myself. I didn’t quite get through all my sticky notes over the weekend, but that’s ok. I wasn’t feeling great and I’ve been feeling unmotivated lately. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m tired and just unfocused all around. I’ve been finding it difficult to write. Sometimes you get into funks, but this is abnormal for me. I stared at 10 different recipes last weekend trying to figure out which one to post today. Procrastination at it’s finest! I find when I have too many options staring me in the face I have no decision making capability whatsoever. The only thing that snaps me out of it is working out or cooking. So that’s exactly what I did. I worked out then I made a bunch of food and somehow the words came to me. There was just one problem.

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Muffinlicious Muffins!


Hi Muffins! Happy Memorial Day! Hopefully you guys have the day off and getting some extra zzz’s. Since today is a holiday remembering those who passed in service fighting for our country, I thought it would be fun to play on the whole remembering thing and honor some things near and dear to my heart like muffins. You […]

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Sunday Funday Blog Love 5/24/15


Happy Memorial Sunday! Hope you’re enjoying this long weekend, getting outdoors and snagging deals at all the sales! Yesterday I errands. The plan was Target and World Market. I ended up at a lot more places that weren’t in my sticky note plan. If you didn’t know, Athleta and Nordstrom are having their huge bi-annual sales this weekend. I should’ve been testing driving cars, but […]

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Healthy Does Not Equal Weight Loss


Sometimes when we look to blogs, health magazines and health professionals for inspiration, we can end up further from our weight loss goals than closer.  The average person trying to lose weight must be frustrated because trying to figure out what they should or should not be eating to drop pounds is confusing. I know, I was one of those […]

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WIAW…Blending in Boulder


Happy Wednesday! As you guys know, last weekend I was in Boulder for Blend. Today I’m giving a recap of the fun events along with my usual What I Ate Wednesday.  So what exactly is Blend? Blend is friend + blogger. It’s a yearly weekend retreat for fitness & health bloggers who come together to build friendships, have […]

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Impressive Shoulder, Chest & Bicep Workout


Hi Friends! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!  As you know, I like to workout a lot. It’s my favorite time of day and you may have seen a pic or too of me working out on Instagram. Outfit: Lulu crops & Lorna Jane pink mesh tank and sports bra For months, I’ve had many readers request a post about my […]

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