Guilt Free Chocolate Avocado Acai Bowl

Made with chocolate, avocado, acai and banana, this recipe pairs two unexpected recipes together to make one delicious superfood bowl. A modern twist on the beloved acai bowl.


Hi Guys! Happy Friday!

I’m so happy it’s Friday! Doing a little dance right now. Jet lag is rough especially when you come home and have to jump right back into a work week. Holly Guacamole. I felt like I needed a few days to detox before being bombarded by my work, but unfortunately…deadlines. Need I say more?

Monday I worked from home. Most of the team was working remote which was good. I wasn’t ready for traffic, grunting cubicle neighbors and clothes other than my yoga pants. I traveled all day Saturday, was exhausted & fighting a cold. I seriously thought my ears were going to explode and have been nauseous all week. Thankfully the cold seems to have one foot out the door today. Fighting a cold at the same time you have jet lag is crazy. You wanna sleep but you’re not sure if it’s the cold or the jet lag.

I noticed jet lag is much easier adjusting to coming home from Europe than going to Europe. I felt like a doozy most of the week I was in Munich. Never felt like I adjusted fully to the time zone. Once I was home, I was good to go after 2 days. I can’t say the same when I’ve traveled home from Asia in the past. It was a least a week of waking up at 2am before I was adjusted. I think traveling west is easier than east, but I could be making that up in my head.

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5 Beginner Fitness Mistakes & How To Avoid Them


Fitness is hard. Physically and mentally hard. It requires time, dedication and realizing it’s about practice. You won’t be good at it from day one. The fact is nothing in life comes on a silver plater. You have to practice to get good at anything. You also have to put heart into it and commit your mind to fitness. Often […]

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Cash Giveaway April 2015


Happy Tuesday! Today I was planning to show you all the wonderful fashionable things I bought in Munich last week. OMG…I was in shopping heaven. I did a lot of shopping. Probably too much! I’m making up for injured time. I found some really cute stuff. I love European fashion. It’s always years ahead of the states, […]

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CoSchedule, My Favorite Blog Tool


Hi Guys! Today I want to share with you a new blog tool I began using last month. It’s called CoSchedule. I’ve seen a lot of buzz across the blog world about CoSchedule, but had never looked into using it. There’s so many options available now it can be overwhelming figuring out what are the best tools when […]

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