The Sunday Skinny 7/5/15

Hi Friends! Happy Sunday!

Hope you’re enjoying the last day of the long weekend. The weekend has zipped by and I could really use another 3 or 4 days before Monday comes. Since everyone is busy recovering from the long weekend, I’ll keep this intro short today. Enjoy this edition of Sunday Skinny and see you back tomorrow with something tasty!


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Red White & Blue Chickpea Muffins


Celebrate summer with these gluten free Red White & Blue Chickpea Muffins. Made with raspberries, blueberries, white chocolate, chickpeas and nut butter these muffins are healthy, but taste like dessert! Hi Guys! Happy 4th of July weekend! Hopefully you’re on vacation today getting your weekend started and not obsessively reading blogs like yours truly. I took vacation […]

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15 Healthier Foods For Your 4th Of July


Hi Friends! Today officially marks day one of my long weekend! I have so much fun planned for the weekend. Besides the usual cooking and fitness shenanigans, tomorrow I’m meeting Nikki, a Women’s Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star Finalist from Scottsdale. How fun does that sound? I only hope I can squeeze in everything I want to […]

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WIAW…Fit Bloggin 15


Happy Wednesday Friends! Get a bunch of fitness bloggers together and what do you get? A lot of food, a lot of blog talk and a lot of working out! Last weekend I was in Denver for Fit Bloggin‘ and it was quite the event. It was 2 fun filled days packed with fitness, good food, […]

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How To Build A Better For You Veggie Burger


Hi Guys! I really love summer! The warm weather makes me want to eat healthier, be more active, rest more and live more. It just feels like life should be this way all the time. Even when it’s really hot outside and only I want to drink smoothies and eat burgers all day, I still love summer for the healthy lifestyle […]

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Healthy Berry Quinoa Crumble


Whip up a healthy protein packed dessert this summer with this Healthy Berry Quinoa Crumble. This gluten free berry bomb will explode your world! Hi Guys! Happy Monday! You guys ever see that movie It’s Complicated? You know the movie with Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin where the woman goes back to her ex husband […]

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The Sunday Skinny 6/28/15


Hello Hello Friends! Here we are with another Sunday! It’s been quite the week for me. I was at Fit Bloggin’ in Denver this weekend. I got home last night. It was a short trip, but I’m glad I went. Earlier this week I thought I was going to lose my head. I had severe pain in […]

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