​​​​​​​Webinar: What Your Sugar Craving Is Telling You About Your Health

Sunday March 17,  2019 1PM PST

Thursday March 21,  2019 4PM PST

Learn what your sugar craving is telling you about your health in this FREE Webinar

Food is confusing and sugar is hidden everywhere and it is scientifically proven that sugar is just as addictive as cocaine. Sugar cravings are at an all time high and sabotage your ability to stay consistent and motivated with your health goals. In this free webinar, learn what causes cravings and how to avoid added sugar.

Very insightful. I had no idea this was causing my cravings!" - Sara 

"I love that Megan makes it simple to understand." - Jessica

In this Webinar you will Learn:

-The Science Behind Sugar + What it Does to Your Body

-Where Sugar is Hidden + How to Avoid It

-Common Myths About Carbs, Sugar + Diets

-3 Ways to Stop Cravings with my FREE GUIDE


Megan is a NANP nutrition practitioner in Phoenix, Arizona and creator of Skinny Fitalicious, gluten free and refined sugar free recipes made with real food ingredients. She started Skinny Fitalicious after losing 80 pounds in 2009. She has Hashimoto's disease and had a hip replacement at 38. Megan is a group fitness instructor and manages a private nutrition practice that focuses on weight loss.

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