Master your cravings

Take Back Your Power from Food +
Feel Good About What You Eat + Confident in Your Skin

Are you ready for a healthy relationship with food + your body?

Do you want to feel in control of what you’re eating?

Do you want to feel confident when you look in the mirror?

Are you ready to shift your mindset to believing you are worthy?

If this is you and you’re ready for your transformation, then join Master Your Cravings. A group of women dedicated to gaining control of their cravings, busy lives, lose weight and change their mindset in a healthy way, without dieting or restricting favorite foods.

MASTER YOUR CRAVINGS is my 3-Step Proven System to Weight Loss + Cravings!


Stop sugar cravings, what triggers them and how to eat to reset your hormones to stop getting them so you can stay on track with healthy eating for life. Master Sugar is done in the 14 Day Sugar Challenge. You get quick results in the sugar challenge making it easier to make progress towards your goals.


Balance what you eat and how much you should eat for your personal goals with macro tracking. Macros are a flexible way of eating that allows wiggle room to enjoy all foods. After the Sugar Challenge, you meet with me 1:1 to calculate your macros. Then you begin tracking your macros and learn to balance your plate and portions to reach your goals.


As you track macros, you work on shifting your mindset. Overeating is a result of urges and cravings developed from patterns and behaviors over time. Emotional eating is a BIG reason why people are overweight. I coach you through the mindset shift you need to make to reach your goals and the Facebook group keeps you accountable and supported.


Are you tired of trying new diets?

Are fed up with conflicting weight loss information?

Do you start a diet, give into cravings, fall off track and feel guilty?

Are you 100% ready to transform?

If you’re tired of constantly starting and stopping, you’re ready to change and a long term solution...then Master Your Cravings is for you!

If you want to be excited about what you eat and know EXACTLY what to eat and when...I’m going to take you by the hand and take the guesswork out of all of this!

No restriction.

No diets.

No short term, quick fixes.

Real food. Real results. A plan for life!

It’s time for you to take YOUR POWER BACK from food! 

Feel in control of what you choose to eat.

More self-confidence. More feeling powerful!

When you sign up for Master Your Cravings you receive:

  • 3 Months Group Coaching
  • Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Replays (overeating, emotional eating, meal planning, stress, detox, nutrition tips)
  • Access to Master Your Cravings Program with over 40 Videos to coach you through step by step your cravings +  your mindset + your food
  • Macro Cheat Sheet 
  • Meal Planner Workbook
  • Weight Loss Friendly Recipes + Meal Ideas
  • Exclusive Facebook Group To Connect with the Community & Ask Questions
  • BONUS 1: 14 Day Sugar Challenge ($597 value)
  • BONUS 2: Custom Macros ($109 value)
  • BONUS 3: Goal + Vision Planning Workbook  ($297 value)

Regular 3 Month Coaching

Self-Paced Coaching with Macros

  • Custom Macros
  • Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • 3 Months Group Coaching
  • Access to Step-by-Step Master Your Cravings Program 
  • 14 Day Sugar Challenge 
  • Facebook Group Access

$297 for 3 months

cancel anytime

Lifetime Promo

[BONUS] 4 1:1 Coaching Calls

  • Custom Macros
  • Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Access to Step-by-Step Master Your Cravings Program 
  • 14 Day Sugar Challenge 
  • Facebook Group Access
  • Lifetime Access To The Program & Group

$1000 pay in full or 

$299/month for

4 months

How Can This Help You:

  • Lose weight
  • Shift your mindset
  • Learn to eat for your hormones
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve your sleep
  • Stop sugar and carb cravings
  • Improve your relationship with food
  • Get real solutions to your problems


What happens when you sign up:

• Click the button below to sign up for the program.

• After you sign up, an email will be sent to your inbox with instructions on how to join the group and the on-boarding materials to get you started! 

*This is a 3 month subscription, which you can cancel or put on hold anytime by logging into

Check out these amazing stories!

I did the 14 day sugar challenge and I am amazed! I I didn’t realize the extend of my sugar addiction. I could not pass up a donut or cookie at the office before the challenge. I no longer crave sweets daily. Fruit and vegetables taste so much more flavorful than in the past. Megan gives a ton of knowledge and explanation to help kickstart a wonderful lifestyle.


I had no idea how dependent I was on sugar to get me through the day. The Sugar Challenge was just that, a challenge. Two weeks of challenging my body and my thinking led me to discover a new relationship with real food and myself. Megan’s wealth of knowledge and understanding from past weight struggles guide participants who invest in themselves toward a sustainable and realistic lifestyle. I encourage you to make a change for yourself. I did.

Lee Ann

The Sugar Challenge was my first ever social media group type thing I joined and it was one of the most amazing experiences I committed to. I not only learned the importance of when to eat the right foods, how my meals should look, etc. I also learned more about myself and grew in those 14 days. This challenge is not your typical YES Foods NO foods…you can still live with the foods you love, it’s just learning how and when to incorporate them and trust that it helping you SO much!! I can promise after the first two days (once you get the hang of it) you’ll want to continue this type of lifestyle!! I definitely encourage and recommend this to anyone looking to improve their overall health and not feel restricted or stressed from the process!! Megan is amazing and goes above and beyond to be accessible, and offer all that she can to make everyone’s experience successful!!


Whether or not you have an issue with sugar, doing the 14 day sugar reset challenge just helps you get your eating back on track. We concentrate on getting in the nutrition our bodies need by learning to food prep and cook from scratch. Eliminating all the processed foods our bodies are used to. Nothing but good can come out of the challenge. Plus lots of great support from Megan and community on line.


I did the Sugar Challenge with Megan and let me tell you …. WOW …. it was absolutely wonderful and I strongly believe that it can help many women AND men who want to reduce cravings, reduce bloating, possibly lose weight ( although the main goal is to aquire tools and skills that will last forver ), balance out hormones and overall develop a lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE in the long run! This is not a diet , this is a beautiful way of eating that will leave you feeling so full! To be honest, the very first day of the challenge I woke up scared and nervous and I even experienced a panic attack because I had no clue what to expect, I thought I was going into something strict and something that I would not be able to maintain. Boy I was so wrong, looking back now I have no idea why I was even nervous because I ate MORE THAN EVER , and I felt so full, SO GOOD, and not restricted AT ALL. When you think of a challenge you think of all the foods that you CAN’T eat, but this is the opposite, because I NOW think of all the food that I COULD EAT, like cheese and potatoes and healthy fats and BACON!! Yes , BACON!! This challenge should not be called a “ challenge “ this really is a wonderful easy way of eating and aquiring skills that will help YOU be the BEST version of yourself, physically and mentally. Thank you MEGAN for the phenomenal experience. I would recommend it to anyone, it truly felt like we were all a family and were in it TOGETHER.


When I began working with Megan in her program, I was surprised by her recommendations. She never talked about  removing foods, but asked me to add foods. Over time, I began to eat healthier and crave less of the foods that were making me fat. I've lost 15 pounds so far!


Megan had me on an eating plan that helped me balance my hormones and be kind to my thyroid. The eating plan resulted in increased energy, weight loss (20 pounds so far) as well as several inches, no more energy crash. My Hashimoto's condition greatly improved, my sleep improved as well as my outlook.


I'm so glad I signed up for Megan's membership. Before I couldn't lose weight and felt lost. Megan helped me figure out a strategy to lose weight and the support from the community kept me motivated. So far, I've lost 10 pounds.



Learning that veggies are our friend when it comes to replacing sugary foods was huge for me. I could go on and on because I learned so much from Megan!


Don’t delay your success +
your progress any longer! Sign up now!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Megan Olson

About Megan

Megan is a NANP nutrition practitioner in Phoenix, Arizona and creator of Skinny Fitalicious, gluten free and refined sugar free recipes made with real food ingredients. She started Skinny Fitalicious after losing 80 pounds walking. She has Hashimoto's disease and had a hip replacement at 38. Megan is a group fitness instructor and manages a private nutrition practice that focuses on weight loss and hormone balance.

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