Simply Healthy Group Coaching

Get Accountability, Motivation & Support from a positive community of women in building healthy habits & a positive body image in 6 weeks!

Simply Healthy Group Coaching

What You Get:

6 - 60 Minute Group Coaching Phone Calls

An Opportunity to Share Your BIGGEST Struggles with a Positive Group

REAL Solutions to Help You Overcome Your Challenges!

A Weekly Healthy Tip From Me

Ability to Ask Me Anything & Get My Honest Answer

To Work With Me At A Low Cost {less than $10 per session}!

Session Details:

Winter Coaching Sessions start week of January 16th and run through February 24th

Two Sessions To Choose From Monday at 7pm Central or Wednesday at 1pm Central

Register NOW only 8 people per session will be accepted!

Monday at 7pm Central Session

Thursday at 1pm Central Session

Chrissy Johnson Client

The most important thing Megan made me realize is that I am worthy. That I need to take care of myself first and foremost. She helped me understand that it is not all about the food when it comes to weight loss. That you must tackle the deeper issues. That things such as self-love, stress and sleep need to be addressed first.

Annoynmous     Client 

Megan challenged me to do one thing outside my comfort zone, that one thing became two things, making it easier to make lifestyle changes. Megan is highly knowledgeable and a creative thinker. She has a wealth of knowledge in different aspects of health coaching both mental and physical. She drew from an array of experiences that made understanding examples, making understanding her insight clear. I think Megan is very personable, which as a coach makes her easier to talk to and relatable, she has been in your shoes, she understands your feelings.

Misty Pyles      Client 

Reinforcing what I need to do, but in such a way as to be uplifting. Seriously, Megan's positive, you-can-do this attitude was inspiring. Her small tips/suggestions were easy for me to fit into my life, without any major that would be intimidating or scary.


Hi! I'm Megan. A certified health coach, soon to be nutrition practitioner (graduating in 2017), freelance food photographer and fitness instructor. In 2010, I lost 80 pounds by walking and eating healthy, which included a cookie a day! In 2014, I battled multiple medical problems and injuries. 

After battling with my weight since I was a child and fighting for my health for so many years, I can honestly say I know how it feels to be trapped in your body. But my weight loss and medical battles taught me that food and exercise can only take you so far. You have to change your behaviors and mindset to achieve weight loss, or any goal. 

Two years ago, I started my blog, Skinny Fitalicious as a way to share healthy recipes,  weight loss tips and my personal medical trials with others. It became so popular ​and I had so many people asking me for help beyond what I was already sharing I knew I had to find more ways to help people.  

Finally I went back to nutrition school to educate myself and became a certified health coach. My mission is to help others take back their health like I did. If I can be successful losing weight and keeping it off, so can you! Ready to work with me? Register for my 1:1 coaching, group coaching or online program Eat To Lose Weight where I teach you virtually everything you need to know about eating for optimal health!