Hormonal Weight Loss for Women over 35

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How Hormones Impact Weight Loss & The Truth About Lasting Weight Loss Without Relying on Willpower, Workouts or Deprivation

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During this FREE Class you will learn:

  • The TRUTH About Hormones and Weight Loss - What Science Really Tells Us (it's more than calories)
  • The 5 Weight Loss Myths That Are Actually Sabotaging Your Efforts At Losing Fat
  • Little-Known Secret To Losing Weight With Ease & Keeping It Off For Good
  • Critical Ingredient Most Weight Loss Programs Fail To Address & Why It Must Be the Foundation Of Any Lasting Weight Loss Plan
  • What Really Causes Cravings & How To Master Them For Good
  • The 5 Essential Steps To Lasting Weight Loss Without Deprivation, Extreme Workouts, Or Relying On Willpower (which never works)
Megan Olson

Nutrition practitioner - I help women over 35 lose 20 to 50 pounds or more and keep it off for good. Creator of Skinny Fitalicious, a website with low calorie recipes, published author of The Low Calorie Cookbook and host of the Dish On Ditching Diets podcast.

You are not the problem. Diets are the problem. Diets teach you to restrict foods, they mess up your hormones and create an unhealthy mindset with food and your self-esteem.

There is an EASIER way! Learn to eat for your hormones, shift your mindset and eat like a normal person for life. Discover how in my free class the 5 Steps To Lasting Weight Loss!

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