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How To Get A Body You Love Without Dieting

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Hi! I'm Megan. A certified health coach, soon to be nutrition practitioner (graduating in 2017), freelance food photographer and fitness instructor. In 2010, I lost 80 pounds by walking and eating healthy, which included a cookie a day! In 2014, I battled multiple medical problems and injuries. 

After battling with my weight since I was a child and fighting for my health for so many years, I can honestly say I know how it feels to be trapped in your body. But my weight loss and medical battles taught me that food and exercise can only take you so far. You have to change your behaviors and mindset to achieve weight loss, or any goal. 

Two years ago, I started my blog, Skinny Fitalicious as a way to share healthy recipes,  weight loss tips and my personal medical trials with others. It became so popular ​and I had so many people asking me for help beyond what I was already sharing I knew I had to find more ways to help people.  

Finally I went back to nutrition school to educate myself and became a certified health coach. My mission is to help others take back their health like I did. If I can be successful losing weight and keeping it off, so can you. Join me in Eat To Lose Weight, my 8 week online course where I teach you everything you need to know to lose the weight!