Break The Binge
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The reason you're overweight is because you overeat and beat yourself up!

You've Been Asking:

How do I stop sugar + carb cravings?

How do I stay motivated and avoid burnout?

What do I eat to lose weight, reduce inflammation, etc.?

How do I eat more protein and veggies?

How do I build habits to reach my goals and stay consistent?

You've Been Asking:

 How do I stop overeating?

How do I stop feeling disappointed in myself at the end of the day?

Why do I self sabotage and feel bad about what I eat?

How do I stop craving sugar and carbs?

How do I stop beating myself up?

Get your questions answered in Break The Binge!

In This 5 Day Email Series You Get:

2 Ways To Eat To Fuel Your Body

The Secret To Stop Overeating

How To STOP Beating Yourself Up

How To Separate Emotions From Food

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Megan is a NANP nutrition practitioner in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in weight loss, weight loss resistance, autoimmune conditions and GI disorders. Megan lost 80 pounds in 2009, is living with Hashimoto's disease and had a hip replacement at 38. She's the creator of Skinny Fitalicious and the 14 Day Sugar Challenge. Her  framework allows you to develop a simpler relationship with food while reaching your health goals. You will learn the basics of healthy eating, nutrition myths and how to heal your body with personalized 1:1 nutrition counseling. Above all, your meals will not be traditional "diet" foods. They will be easy and delicious!


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