Spring into Your Fitness & Health

Good Morning Friends!  How’s Monday treating you?  I love Mondays.  Mondays are a fresh start to a new week, an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and implement new goals.  

My goals for the week are: 

Ramp up my fitness activity SLOWLY– I’m used to walking or running 10-13 miles at a time.  As I recover from my , I need to While my body may be physically fit to do many miles, I’m still recovering from my foot injury and my foot isn’t ready for that much.  I need to be patient and gradually increase my mileage taking baby steps over the next few weeks. I’m not a slow person by nature so this will be a challenge. 

Eat more salads – The warm weather has me craving more greens.  My goal is to eat 2-3 beastly salads filled with multiple vegetables, healthy fat and protein every week.  Like this one…


Eat consistent meals – I used to be extremely diligent about eating regularly to keep my metabolism roaring.  At work, I need to eat breakfast and lunch at the same time everyday.  I’ve gotten into a bad habit recently of working through lunch. Suddenly, it’s 1pm, I’m starving and I eat everything in my lunch bag in matter of minutes.  My goal is to eat consistently at the same time everyday. 

Keep Swimming – I have fallen in love with swimming through my injury and I’ve gotten good at it too!  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming….


Since it’s Spring, I’m sure we all have flip flops and swimsuits on our minds as the weather’s warming up.  As we head into summer, it’s time to add a little Spring into our fitness and health routines.  

Spring into Fitness

Keep a Fitness Diary – Write down your workouts every day – i.e. cardio, strength, class, weights & sets.  I track mine in my iPhone using the notes app, but an old-fashioned pen and paper will work too.   :)   Be sure to include the amount of time for each workout and the intensity (high, medium & low).

Alternate Workouts – Alternate a high intensity workout day with a low intensity one.  Example – follow a spin class & weight training day with a day of swimming, walking or yoga.  The goal is to stay active, yet give your body recovery time after high intensity workouts.

Make a New Playlist – Nothing like new tunes to renew motivation and revitalize workouts.  See my new playlists below. 

Try a New Class Zumba, CrossFit, Spin, Barre, Yoga or Body Pump.  Venture to a new studio or gym.  Sometimes a change is in order to rejuvenate you.  Bring a friend with you for added motivation. 

Buy New Workout Gear – New shoes or clothes can be enough motivation to re-energize your workout. 


Spring into Health

Eat Your Greens – Adding 4-5 salads each week with a healthy mix of produce and protein is an easy way to do this.  Start off your dinner with a small side salad or make the salad the star of your meal.  Reference my tips for eating more greens.

Check Your Numbers – Schedule a yearly physical with your general practitioner and have the basics checked – cholesterol, blood count, blood pressure, etc.  Discuss any changes in your health, weight-loss goals and concerns.  Schedule this now before the year slips away and it’s the holiday season again.

Eat An Apple a Day – This is a habit I started during my my weight-loss.  Apples pack a whopping 4 grams of fiber and we should all target getting 23 grams per day (i.e. fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, beans, rice).  Apples have an abundance of healthy benefits including lowering high cholesterol and reducing abdominal fat.  

Drink More Water – Hydration is key to weight-loss and healthy living – add lemons to your water.  Lemons not only give a sweet citrus flavor to water, but also are believed to provide many health benefits. 

Two new playlists for my added motivation this week – one for cardio and the other for swim! 



What are you goals this week?  Mondays – love them or hate them?  How often do you create new playlists?

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