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Eat To Lose Weight 8 Week Summer Virtual Coaching starts May 1st 2017! 

Over 25 Videos, PDF Reference Guides with Meal Plans, a Food Journal, Assignments & Implementation Plan with Weekly Virtual Coaching From Me Done via Email!

You haven't failed diets, diets have failed you!

Diets are confusing! Eat this, don't eat that. Eat this way, don't eat that way. What's worse, our society has become so accustomed to quick health fixes that people expect quick fixes to losing weight.

There is no quick or one size fits all solution to weight loss!

Each person has a unique genetic makeup that defines what their body does with food and their life experiences shape their behaviors with food. What works for one person will not work for another person.

Diets fail because they do not recognize the individuality of each person

Diets prescribe the same meal plan and way of eating for everyone. They're restrictive, depriving and have rules that are not realistic to maintain long term. 

BUT the biggest way diets fail is they do not TEACH  How To Eat Healthy to live life!

  • Diets Do Not Work. Diets are restrictive, depriving and have rules that are not realistic to maintain long term.
  • Diets Are Not Individual. Everyone has a unique genetic makeup and different relationship with food. Diets attempt to prescribe a one size fits all and do not address individual needs.
  •  Diets Don't Teach. Diets fail to teach how to eat healthy so weight loss can be maintained long term.

As someone who battled weight their entire life, I know what t's like to be in your shoes. Every time you try a new diet & fail, you feel like a failure inside.

When I finally lost 80 pounds, I realized it was never about exercising more or eating less.

It was about eating the right foods consistently, in the right way and NOT DIETING.

Once you discover how GOOD healthy food makes your mind, body and soul feel, you will never go back to old ways of eating. You will feel like a NEW and BETTER YOU!


I never realized how bad my "bad" eating habits were making me feel emotionally and physically until I fully dedicated myself to making better food choices. When I did, I slept better, had more energy, was better focused and was a much happier person. It elevated my mood and gave me more self-confidence, and it will do the same for YOU!

​Once the weight started coming off, I felt EMPOWERED to take on life and live in ways I had only dreamed of {and some I never dreamed of too}!

Before my weight loss, I was the most un-athletic person and the farthest thing from healthy. Chowing down a bag of potato chips or pint of ice cream on the coach every night. Mindless, binge eating with tons of sugar cravings. That was me.

Today I'm completely different and a much better person! I'm 100% confident if you commit to change, it will do the same for you!

That is why I built Eat To Lose Weight. So you have the knowledge you need to eat better, feel better and love your body!

Eat To Lose Weight teaches you how to eat healthy so you can be free of diet jail

For 30 minutes a week, this 8 week online self-paced course teaches you the fundamentals of healthy eating

Everyone should be taught at an early age in school and at home how to eat the right way, but our society falls short of this. As a result, many adults {and children} are now faced with obesity and the development of diseases which result from poor diet and lifestyle.

Eat To Lose Weight teaches you the basics of healthy eating so you can learn how to make healthy choices for life and lose weight!

In this 8 week online course, you get:​

    • A video module from me each week covering a specific nutrition + weight loss topic where I give you facts to make better decisions as well as personal experiences you can easily relate to 
    • PDF reference guides that include meal plans, "healthy foods" that sabotage weight loss + more!
    • A Food Behavior Journal which is not meant for counting calories, rather for tracking behaviors and feelings
    • An implementation plan with weekly goals to make small, manageable changes you can sustain without feeling overwhelmed

The modules you get

Primary vs. Secondary Foods:  Feeding Your Soul Is More Important Than What You Eat

Unprocess Your Diet: Reading Food Labels + Detoxing Your Liver

Stop Overeating: Measuring Portions Instead Of Counting Calories

About The Grains, Why Eliminating All Carbs Isn't Always The Answer 

Protein & The Skinny On Fat: How Much You Need + Best Forms For Weight Loss

Fill Your Plate: What & How Often To Eat, Crowding Out + Drinks

Snack Tastrophies: How To Become A Healthy Snacker + Why Food Should Never Be A Reward

Putting It All Together: How Stress Makes You Fat, Sleep & Exercise For Weight Loss + How To Meet Your Goals

What's In A Module

Eat To Lose Weight is available in my courses which means you have access to everything you need, Videos, PDF's, Food Journal and Implementation Plan, in one place to refer to anytime you need it!

Eat To Lose Weight 8 Week Online Course $209

But what's really awesome about this program.... 


Each week after you watch the videos, you email me your questions & I coach you!

Program is limited to 10 participants so I can give you the full attention you need as if you were working with me one on one! 

  1. Online Course: 8 week online course, accessible anytime, anywhere with Videos, PDF References, Food Journal & Implementation Plan.
  2. Education: Diets fail to educate on what it means to eat healthy. This program gives you that and more so you can lose weight and eat the right way!
  3. Support: Virtual coaching support from me as you go through the program done via email. Each week you email me your questions & I respond to you. 

Who Eat To Lose Weight Is For

Eat To Lose Weight is for those people who not only want to lose weight but are committed to making to a healthy lifestyle changes to feel better inside and out, have more energy and lose weight as a bonus! This program is for those just starting out and unsure where to start, as well as those who are confused or need clarification about what it means to eat healthy, live healthy and lose weight. 

Who Eat To Lose Weight Is Not For

Eat To Lose Weight is not for those people who have specific illness or conditions that need supervision of a health care professional. For those wanting to experience the program, refer to my one on one coaching services so we can work design a plan around your specific needs.

The most important thing Megan made me realize is that I am worthy. That I need to take care of myself first and foremost. She helped me understand that it is not all about the food when it comes to weight loss. That you must tackle the deeper issues. That things such as self-love, stress and sleep need to be addressed first.

Chrissy Johnson

Megan challenged me to do one thing outside my comfort zone, that one thing became two things, making it easier to make lifestyle changes. Megan is highly knowledgeable and a creative thinker. She has a wealth of knowledge in different aspects of health coaching both mental and physical. She drew from an array of experiences that made understanding examples, making understanding her insight clear. I think Megan is very personable, which as a coach makes her easier to talk to and relatable, she has been in your shoes, she understands your feelings.


Reinforcing what I need to do, but in such a way as to be uplifting. Seriously, Megan's positive, you-can-do this attitude was inspiring. Her small tips/suggestions were easy for me to fit into my life, without any major that would be intimidating or scary.

Misti Pyles

Megan, along with My Fitness Pal helped me lose 55 pounds!


Because of Megan and her fabulous recipes, I have now lost 40 lbs. When I started this journey, I reached out to her. She gave me the strength to start my battle.


Megan is a nutrition practitioner, certified health coach and NASM weight loss specialist as well as a freelance food photographer who writes for several websites. She is a published author of Ditch The Diet, and a fitness instructor living in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2010, she lost 80 pounds walking and eating healthy, which included a cookie a day! In 2014, she battled unexplained medical problems and injuries that motivated her to pursue a second degree in nutrition to help herself and others. Now she counsels women to lose weight and eat healthy by defining achievable goals for them to love their body inside and out.

After battling weight since being a child,, she knows first hand how it feels to be trapped in your body. Her weight loss and medical battles taught her that food and exercise can only take you so far. You have to change your behaviors and mindset to achieve weight loss, or any goal.

Ready to start? 

Eat To Lose Weight 8 Week Online Course $209


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, I will refund your money. No questions asked!

You haven't lived until you've lived healthy. 

I never knew there was another part of life to experience until I lost 80 pounds and discovered how amazing healthy food and exercise made my mind, body and soul feel. With this program, you will learn all everything you need to feel energized, renewed and healthy!

"Stop trying to diet to lose weight. Start focusing on health, equally in mind and body. When you direct your thoughts to living healthy, your weight will naturally come off."

Megan Olson