3/23/14 Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday!  How’s your first spring weekend been?  I’ve been resting as much as possible this weekend and enjoying the lovely 80 degree weather too.  The Arizona forecasters crack me up.  On the news this morning, they said it’s going to be “much cooler this weekend.”  Lol…yeah like 3 degrees cooler.  Quick…everyone grab your winter jacket!  Being a forecaster in Arizona has got to be the easier job EVER.   

Other than relaxing, my weekend has been the usual household shenanigans – errands, meal prepping, cooking, cleaning, talking to Mom & 6 loads of laundry.  By the way, how does that much laundry happen for one person?  I was hoping to get outdoors this weekend and walk, but after speaking with my physical therapist on Friday about my rough week I decided not to.  My therapist recommended I wait 2 weeks from the time my foot feels better before walking or running on it.  He said foot injuries are slow and nasty to heal because we’re always on our feet and he’s right.  My foots aches just doing everyday stuff. 

When my foot was really hurting, it was easy to limit my activity.  I knew I couldn’t increase the resistance or do a certain thing.  I am finding this point of my recovery to be particularly difficult.  I feel really good, but it’s deceiving because when I do ramp up my activity, I’m in pain the next day.  

I’m proud of myself for continuing to work out through my recovery and not allowing my fitness to go to the wayside.  My gymmates always comment how I am inspiration being at the gym everyday.  Even on crutches or in a boot, I was at the gym doing some activity, biking, swimming, weight or strength training.  The problem though is that while the rest of my body is ready to ramp things up, my foot isn’t ready yet. 

So I’m taking a step back this weekend to let things calm down.  I will continue to cycle, swim and weight train, but no walking or running until my foot can handle it.  My new shoes will have to wait a little longer.  Hopefully, now that I just wrote that my mind will get on board with this. 

Here are my Sunday Funday pics this week.

1.  Arizona Sunsets – The sunsets here are incredible.  I couldn’t resist snapping this picture when I got home from work one night.  The best of any place I’ve seen and I’ve traveled to a lot of places.  I am blessed.  I found the best place to live.  #azsunsets


2. 12 Ideas for a Simpler and Better Today via Huffington Post – As much as I try to keep things simple in my life, it always feels like I’m juggling too much every single day.  I do too much of #4 and need to start doing more of #2.  I am the queen of multi-tasking, but I believe there’s threshold to how much a single person should do.  Wish me luck! 


3. Girl Takes 13 Selfies with Unsuspecting Hot Men During NYC Half Marathon – Have you guys read about this girl?  This is hilarious.  I’m pretty sure I need to meet this girl.  I have a lot of questions! 

Selfie Girl


4. 77 facts that sounds like huge lies but are completely true via Buzzfeed – Random, possibly useful facts I didn’t know like honey never spoils, hippo milk is pink and carrots were originally purple.  When did Pluto get declassified as a planet?  And who knew cashews grew on apples? 

5. Matcha Pistachio Muffins – I love these healthy beasts!  They have green tea powder and pistachios.  Did you know they also have orange juice and banana?  Check out the recipe!  My co-workers enjoyed this St. Patty’s Day themed treat this week.  They are still raving about my Mint Chocolate Hazelnut Muffins too!

6. This Health List via PureWow sponsored by Silk – I love everything on this list.  My favorite is the list of produce to always buy organic.  I’m downloading this app right now to find a farmer’s market. 


7. 5 Ways to Make Time for Your Passion via Huffington Post – #3 is what I need to work on most.  It aligns with my goal to discipline myself to be more patient too. 

I’m chasing my passion every day.  Are you?


Hope you have a lovely Sunday 

What are your favorite things this week?  What passion are you chasing right now?  What’s the weather like where you are?

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  1. says

    Ha – I have seen most of those as well this week and totally loved them! Thanks for sharing, brought a smile.

    Foot injuries ARE a pain! My wife and I have been doing ballroom dancing classes the last few weeks, and after last week her injury from last fall was aching, and I reminded her that I thought she should be wearing her brace … fortunately there is no class this week.

    My passion now is making sure my kids can pursue THEIR passions! It is amazing watching them grow into such fine men …

    Weather … well, we had snow today, it will be single digits again tomorrow morning and we have to wait until Thursday to see more spring-like weather again. Ugh.

  2. says

    Hang in there with your foot. Be patient with it and suddenly before you know it, it will be fully recovered and you’ll be lacing up those pretty sneakers.

    Great links. I love how to find time for your passion and those crazy facts. Good stuff.

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