03/09/14 Sunday Funday

Is it Sunday again?  I know you are all awake early today reading my blog as the clocks turned back for Day Light Savings last night.  Arizona doesn’t observe Day Light Savings, which I really like it.  No adjusting clocks all over the house, the sun goes down between 5-6 pm year-round and most important, no messing with my internal clock. 

My days have been so busy I feel like it was Christmas last week.  How is it March 9th already?  I think my foot injury and physical therapy have caused me to lose track of time.  I’ve been so focused on recovery and adjusting my self to being injured.  Injury turns your life upside down and interrupts your daily routine in many ways.  Suddenly, it takes longer to do EVERYTHING.  For me, that has been the most frustrating part of being injured.  I’m used to being on the go, go, go and the injury has forced me to be more slow, slow, slow. 

Something awesome has happened with my injury though.  Ok so what’s so awesome about an injury?  I’ve met a lot of new friends, most through my gym.  I met a spin class friend who turned out to be a doctor, which I really needed a few weeks ago when my kidneys reacted badly to a medication.  She ordered my labs stat to check me out.  We’ve been talking about doing happy hour for weeks now. 

I met a triathlon friend.  He’s a regular at my spin class and we talk frequently about the status of my foot.   He saw me at the pool this week and gave kudos for my swimming.  He asked me to join a monthly triathlon team meeting in Phoenix.  It must be said a certain “someone” has been considering it.  Now if only I could ride a bike outdoors.   

Last week I met a woman in the locker room who was injured badly.  She was t-boned on her bike in a triathlon.  She injured her neck, shoulder and back.  It took her 8 months to recover.  Now do you understand why I don’t like biking outdoors?  When I heard her story, it made me count my blessings that my injury was not that severe.  Hopefully, mine won’t take that long to heal! 

It’s great when something bad happens and several good things happen with it, but that’s how life is.  One door closes and several others open.  It’s about being open to the possibility of accepting what those doors have to offer and not being scared to go after it.  So don’t ever give up!  And with that motivational speech…

Here are my Sunday Funday picks this week peeps!

1. When I Grow Up post by Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine – this was a deeply insightful post about how we have big dreams when we are children and then we grow up and suddenly, our dreams fade.  I felt so many emotions as I read her post.  I read it twice even!  I’ve been running toward my dreams this past year, but it’s taken me a long time to figure out what my dream was. 


2. These Vera Wang flats.  I snagged these at Nordstrom Rack for $30.  Say what???  I’m all about flats right now with my foot injury and these are comfy.  They offer a lot of arch support. 



3. Almond Butter Granola Shake – this one is too good to be true & healthy.  I love it when I create awesome things!

Almond Butter Granola Shake


4. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer that I snagged on clearance at Target last weekend.  I used this sweet kitchen addition this weekend for my baking and I love it.  It even looks like it belongs in my kitchen, right?



5.  My H20 Audio – I love that I can swim and listen to music.  I’m convinced it has made me a swimmer. 

pic5       IMG_1566


6.  Peeled Garlic – I love cooking with fresh garlic, but for years avoided it because it’s too much work removing the skin.  Then I discovered peeled garlic. Garlic is a natural antioxidant, which can boost your immune system. 



7.  Matcha Green Tea Powder – This is a powder form of matcha green tea.  I discovered this last month on Amazon in the “you might also like” section.  Lately, I’ve been adding it to my muffin batter and smoothies.  I love it!  Watch for my recipe post this week. 



8.  My enormous patio door.  It opens the kitchen into my courtyard where I have a lovely water feature.  I can open and enjoy my dinner listening to the water.  It will soon be too hot to do this anymore. 

pic38   pic39


What are you loving lately? 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

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